Friday, May 11, 2007

Night of 1000 Pilots

If you've like us, you've probably been wondering what the hell's going on with the multitude of long-gestating new Adult Swim shows, some of which were announced over a year ago. This weekend, they solve the problem once and for all by simply throwing up the whole batch. Six premiere episodes are online now, and will hit Cartoon Network in the upcoming regular Sunday night block. Make sure to cast your vote online to help along your favorites, or to put your enemies out of a job.

Included this adult-friendly baby shower are the superbly drawn Superjail, featuring the voice of David Wain as a Wonka-like warden of an unofficial, malevolent fantasy prison, Tony Millionaire's gloriously pessimistic comic-strip spin-off The Drinky Crow Show, featuring Mad TV and Office Space star David Herman and voice-over extraordinaire Billy West, David Banner's rap-happy tribute to Southern Gothic weirdness That Crook'd Sipp, the ripped-from-the-web Reboot knock-off Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet, and the iffy live/animation hybrid Let's Fish, starring 30 Rock's Scott Adsit and Brendon "Dethklok" Small. There's also a painstaking, sepiatoned short documentary about the voice of Space Ghost, George Lowe, which seems to only be included to hit an even six.

Fat Guy and Superjail have supposedly already been picked up for series, along with the upcoming Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, which aired its pilot early last year. Korgoth of Barbaria is still hanging in limbo. The non-inclusion of other rumored pilots like Western Times and Evan Dorkin's Tyrone's Inferno probably means they're dead and buried. Pour a little out for them, Drinky.

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